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2020 National Federation of the Blind of Texas Convention

Friday, November 6, 2020 to Sunday, November 8, 2020Location: Anywhere & Everywhere in TexasVenue: Virtual

The 2020 convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Texas is scheduled to take place on the weekend of November 6-8, in a virtual environment. There is no cost to register for the convention, but we would still like to ask those who plan to attend to complete the registration process. Registration will remain open until October 15. It is necessary to close registration this early in order to allow us to set up our voting platform.

Everyone is welcome to attend our convention, but in order to vote during elections and on other issues related to the convention the following must be true.

1.  You must be registered with the convention.

2.  You must be a dues-paying member of our affiliate.

3.  You must register for our voting platform whenever that opportunity opens.

We will be utilizing the same system for voting that we used during our national convention. So, if you attended that conference, the process will be familiar. We will hold a practice voting session prior to the convention in order to assure that people are comfortable with the method we will be using. 

Use the form below to register for the convention. Please complete a registration form for each person who is registering. We urge parents to register their children as well as themselves. Professionals in the field of work with the blind are invited to attend and encouraged to register.

We will be using the Crowd Compass app that we used for our national convention to assist people with setting up their agendas and to allow attendees the opportunity to communicate with one another during the convention. 

We are working to develop some exhibitor presentations throughout the convention, and those sessions will be available by checking into the Crowd Compass app as well.

Check back often for updates to this information. You should also watch our member list for information as it becomes available. If you have registered already and paid a fee, that fee will be automatically refunded. Those refunds will be processed beginning on August 31. You will be notified when we have issued your refund. Please be aware that refunds are Mae by PayPal, and it may take several days to receive the funds following our initiation of the process.







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