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2024 Student Summit

Friday, April 26, 2024 to Sunday, April 28, 2024Location: Round Rock, TXVenue: Austin Marriott North

On the weekend of April 26-28, 2024, the National Federation of the Blind of Texas and the Texas Association of Blind Students will host the 2024 Student Summit. The Summit is intended to serve high school and college students and will include topics designed to help blind and low-vision students navigate school in a way that leads to successful employment outcomes. Pre-employment and transition services will be an integral part of our work during this weekend-long seminar. Interactive sessions will make learning more interesting, and the agenda will be packed with information that will help students grow their dreams and set high expectations for themselves.

The Student Summit will be headquartered at the Austin Marriott North, located at 2600 La Frontera Blvd., Round Rock, TX. We have agreed to provide a rooming list to the hotel, so all reservations must be made using our registration form. Rooms are $150 per night, including taxes and fees. Registration will cost $150 per person. Complimentary meals will be served during the Summit.

If you want to save money by sharing a room with someone, you may find your roommate or ask that we assist. Shared rooms will cost each roommate $150. As stated above, single rooms (no roommate) will cost a total of $300 for the two-night stay. You must reserve your room and register for the event by April 5. 

If you are paying for your registration fees and reserving a room, you will be invoiced and must pay by the deadline of April 5. Your room reservation will be canceled if we have not received your payment by that date. Staying at the hotel is not required, but a lot of networking happens between sessions and in the evening. So, choosing to stay at the hotel will be an important part of the Student Summit experience.

We will accept service authorizations and purchase orders from state agencies. However, you must talk to your transition or VR counselor or your BCP caseworker before telling us they will pay for your registration fees and room charges. Here is what you need to do if you would like to request that your counselor assist you.

  1. Tell your counselor that you would like to attend the Summit. Direct them to this event page so they can see what we have asked you to do if you wish.
  2. Ask to have attendance at this function included in your plan.
  3. Let them know that this seminar will include Pre-ETS elements. Pre-ETS is important to your transition from school to work.
  4. Register for the conference and reserve a room once you and your counselor agree to make this service a part of your plan.
  5. Request that your counselor provide us with a service authorization to cover the cost of the Summit. They should send the SA to ncrosby@nfbtx.org. The total cost for hotel and registration is $450.
  6. Once we have your completed form and the necessary service authorization, we will add your reservation to our rooming list, and a room will be reserved for you.
  7. We will invoice your counselor upon receipt of the service authorization.

Counselors are welcome to touch base with us if they need additional information. Our main number is 281-968-7733, and email may be directed to ncrosby@nfbtx.org

If you are a student in the CAREER Mentoring 

Additional information will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Look for the agenda soon.



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