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NFB-NEWSLINE® provides free access to hundreds of newspapers via the telephone and online to the blind and those with disabilities that make it difficult to read print. Readers can access more than 300 publications, including up-to-date newspapers, magazines, Spanish language publications, local TV listings and information of specific interest to the blind. Subscribers can download their favorite publications onto a digital talking-book player or other MP3-playing device, read text-only versions of the publication online, or access articles on an iPhone with the NFB-NEWSLINE® app for iOS.

The Newsline @ School & Work program teaches children K-12 and young adults how to use NFB-NEWSLINE® effectively in their daily lives. It also introduces them to new assistive technology, nonvisual techniques and competent blind role models. Weekend-long regional events are scheduled throughout the state, and Newsline @ School & Work activities also occur during our annual State Convention and Youth Conference. Watch our calendar of events for information about program schedules. Financial assistance is provided for accepted applicants.

Every year, NFB-NEWSLINE® Texas hosts a series of open houses to teach blind children, adults and professionals in the field about our innovative audio newspaper program. Open houses usually last from two to four hours, and allow potential users to sign up and learn how the free program works. Six open houses are scheduled each year across Texas. Federation leaders are on hand to provide information about the organization and its other activities. Watch our calendar of events to find an open house near you.

To be eligible for NFB-NEWSLINE®, you must be legally blind or have a physical or a learning disability that prevents you from reading the paper independently. Your eligibility is not dependent on, or restricted to affiliation with any particular consumer or support organization. If you are signed up for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, you already qualify for NFB-NEWSLINE®.

To learn more about the audio newspaper service and to sign up, please contact Liz Wisecarver by phone at 281-968-7634 or by e-mail at

You will notice that many areas still do not have local numbers. If you live in one of these areas, continue to use the (888) 882-1629 number. Even if you seem to live in an area that is covered, check your bill as there can be long distance charges in metropolitan locations even if one is in the same area code. If your being charged, switch back to the toll-free number right away.

In any case, NFB-NEWSLINE® cannot be responsible for any long distance charges.


The following are frequently asked questions from new subscribers and those interested in the NFB-NEWSLINE Texas service. Check out for more information, including user guides and how-to instructions. Visit and our Local Channels on NFB-NEWSLINE to learn about NFB of Texas events.

A free electronic information service with over 500 publications, including 14 Texas newspapers, national papers, international papers, custom TV listings up to 13 days in advance, weather alerts and forecasts, customizable job searches, over 90 magazines, local circulars, and more. A full list of participating NFB-NEWSLINE publications can be found at

Who can use NFB-NEWSLINE?
The service is available to anyone who is legally blind or print disabled. You do not have to be a member of the National Federation of the Blind or affiliated with any blindness organizations to register.

I’m still not sure if I qualify.
Anyone who is signed up for the Talking Book Program through the National Library Service automatically qualifies for NFB-NEWSLINE. If you have a visual impairment and participated in programs such as Texas Workforce Solutions, the Texas School for the Blind, Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, or have a Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Teacher of Blind Students, you are legally blind and qualify for NFB-NEWSLINE. If you have another print disability and are not a Talking Books patron, contact Liz Wisecarver, NFB-NEWSLINE Texas Coordinator, at 281-968-7634 or for more information.

How much does it cost?
NFB-NEWSLINE is free and unlimited for our subscribers! Thanks to sponsorship by the National Federation of the Blind of Texas and the Texas Public Utility Commission.

How can I read NFB-NEWSLINE?
With any telephone, on the free NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile app for iPhone and iPad, online, on digital talking-book players like Victor Reader Stream, and with Amazon Alexa.

How can I sign up?
Fill out our NFB-NEWSLINE application online at, or call 281-968-7634 to apply over the telephone.

What happens after I fill out the application?
Once your application is processed, you will receive a letter in the mail, a follow-up phone call, and an email *if an email address was provided* with your six-digit User ID and four-digit Security Code. These codes allow you to access NFB-NEWSLINE through any platform. Your telephone, NFB-MOBILE app, and other devices will remember your NFB-NEWSLINE codes so you will not need to enter them in each time.

Is my contact information used for other things like advertising and spam?
We do not share or sell your personal information, and will only use it to inform you about other NFB of Texas events if you give us permission on the application. We will use the contact information you provide to send you your Newsline codes and for a follow-up phone call to ensure you received your codes.

Does signing up for NFB-NEWSLINE make me a member of the National Federation of the Blind?
No, applying for NFB-NEWSLINE does not mean you are a member of the National Federation of the Blind. You do not have to be affiliated with any blindness organizations to use NFB-NEWSLINE. If you are interested in becoming a member of the NFB of Texas, however, visit to find a local chapter in your area.

How can I learn how to use NFB-NEWSLINE?
There are several ways to learn more about using the NFB-NEWSLINE service. You can call or email Liz Wisecarver, NFB-NEWSLINE Texas Coordinator, weekdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. with any questions or concerns. You can also check out the tutorial on the NFB-NEWSLINE telephone platform under option number 1 off the Main Menu. Visit to read instructions online. We invite you to join us for any of our NFB-NEWSLINE Texas programs for hands-on instruction.

What training programs does the NFB of Texas offer?
The NFB of Texas sponsors several programs designed to teach people how to use the NFB-NEWSLINE service and other blindness skills. We organize multiple public open houses each year throughout the state to introduce folks to the audio newspaper service. We host two or three Silver Bells Senior Training programs annually to teach blind seniors and their families how to use NFB-NEWSLINE on a variety of platforms, as well as an introduction to alternative skills, including VoiceOver and TalkBack basics, how to organize medication, cane travel with the long white cane, using a computer to send emails, using smart phones to send text messages, and more. Our @ School & Work program teaches blind children and young adults in college or seeking employment how NFB-NEWSLINE can be a useful tool in education and employment. NFB-NEWSLINE is also featured at other NFB of Texas events, including the annual NFB of Texas State Convention, local chapter meetings, and NFB BELL Academy for blind children. For more information about NFB-NEWSLINE Texas events, visit or check out our Local Channels on NFB-NEWSLINE.

I’m interested in setting up an NFB-NEWSLINE event or presentation in my area.
Contact Liz Wisecarver at 281-968-7634 or by email at to discuss availability. NFB of Texas chapter members, talk to your NFB-NEWSLINE ambassador about your ideas.

Can I post an article, announcement or information to the Texas Local Channels?
Yes, all are welcome to submit articles and information for consideration. Email your content in an electronic text format to Copyrighted material cannot be posted without the publisher’s permission, and the NFB-NEWSLINE Texas Team reserves the right to decline submissions for any reason. NFB of Texas chapter members, talk to your NFB-NEWSLINE ambassador about your article idea and submit your post to them first.

Does the NFB of Texas train professionals on how to use NFB-NEWSLINE to share with their clients?
Yes, professionals are welcome to join us for our NFB-NEWSLINE events to learn more or can contact us to discuss setting up presentations for your staff. Contact Liz Wisecarver, NFB-NEWSLINE Texas Coordinator, for more information.

I’ve already signed up for NFB-NEWSLINE but don’t have my codes/I need to update my personal information.
Fill out the NFB-NEWSLINE Texas survey or contact Liz Wisecarver, NFB-NEWSLINE Texas Coordinator, by phone at 281-968-7634 or email to retrieve your misplaced codes, update your contact information or to sign up for the first time.

Can I share my user codes with a friend or family member who qualifies for NFB-NEWSLINE?
You should not share your NFB-NEWSLINE codes with others, even if they qualify for the service. Participating publications provide their content to NFB-NEWSLINE for free so people who are unable to read print in the traditional manner have access to the same news and information as other subscribers, so we must respect these copyrights by insuring our users are, in fact, legally blind or print disabled. We also want to show the need for this service by registering each qualifying applicant individually. If you know someone who may qualify for NFB-NEWSLINE, invite them to fill out our online survey at or call 281-968-7634 to apply over the telephone.

Can I sign my legally blind or print disabled child up for NFB-NEWSLINE?
Yes, there is no age requirement for the service. Please write your child’s name on the survey application rather than your own.

I’m a blindness professional, can I register my qualifying clients for NFB-NEWSLINE?
Yes, please contact Liz Wisecarver at 281-968-7634 or to verify your client’s eligibility and to learn more about the service.

How can I promote the NFB-NEWSLINE Texas program?
By sharing information about the service, sharing our event announcements with others, and signing up new potential subscribers. You can request free NFB-NEWSLINE brochures and other materials by calling our national NFB-NEWSLINE office at 866-504-7300. NFB of Texas chapter members, talk to your NFB-NEWSLINE ambassador and Chapter President about helping to promote our program in your area.

Can I use NFB-NEWSLINE on more than one telephone or device?
Yes, you can use NFB-NEWSLINE on multiple phones or devices. You do not need to register a new phone number on your personal NFB-NEWSLINE profile to call from another phone.

I use an Android phone, can I still access NFB-NEWSLINE?
Yes, Android users can call NFB-NEWSLINE on the phone or log in online through a mobile Internet browser.

Can I read newspapers from other states?
Yes, NFB-NEWSLINE subscribers have access to all of the newspapers and publications on the system.

Can I get NFB-NEWSLINE in braille?
We do not circulate hardcopy versions of these publications; however, subscribers can use electronic braille displays to read NFB-NEWSLINE publications and information in braille.

Can I read NFB-NEWSLINE in Spanish?
Yes, subscribers can select Spanish menus on the telephone and have access to five Spanish language newspapers, as well as Spanish articles posted in our Local Channels. Visit for a full list of participating publications.

Why can’t I view my TV listings on the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile app for iPhone and iPad?
You will need to call NFB-NEWSLINE on the telephone first to set up your custom TV listings. Once you select TV listings for the first time off the Main Menu, NFB-NEWSLINE will ask you to enter your zip code, choose your time zone and select your cable provider. You should see your TV listings on the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile app after setting up your customization on the telephone system.

Are the job listings special jobs for blind people?
No, the job listings include all jobs posted on Career Builder and USA Jobs.

Does NFB-NEWSLINE post full issues of its publications?
Yes, subscribers have access to full issues of today’s paper, yesterday’s paper, and the last major issue of the paper. Sections and articles are not excluded or abridged.

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