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NFBTX Person to Know: Gage Barber

January 24, 2024

Photo shows Gage Barber sitting in his mobile chair smiling holding a multi-colored blue umbrella.

The first person to know of the year is Gage Barber, Lone Star at Large Chapter member, Newline Ambassador. Gabe has been a member of NFB for one year, his anniversary is in February of this year. Gabe was introduced to Lara Sowell, Lone Star President, through a mutual acquaintance. Lara spoke to Gabe about becoming a member, which led him to attend his first meeting, where he was voted in as a member that same day. He recently took over duties as Newline Ambassador for 2024.

Gage is legally blind; he was born with a condition called Nystagmus and Cerebral Palsy. He is very independent, and would like to attend Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center in the future. He has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin, where he was member of the Braille and Cane Club. The club interacted with blind and visually impaired children from the local school district by providing crafts and throwing them Easter and Christmas parties.

Gage grew up in the Dallas area, but now lives in Nacogdoches with his 12-year-old male, three-legged cat named Demi. He enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and riding his stationary exercise bike. He is Christian and loves chicken fried chicken. Gage lives the life he wants by his favorite quote, which he was told by a high school teacher, “Make positive decisions”.

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