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NFBTX Person to Know: Brittanie Castille

February 23, 2024

Photo shows Brittanie standing proudly, smiling, with her white cane.

February’s person to know is Brittanie Castille, Arlington Chapter member and Newsline Co-Ambassador.  Brittanie has been a member of NFBTX since 2021, when she met Liz Wisecarver at Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, where Liz was presenting NFB Newsline.  Brittanie feels at home with her chapter members.

Brittanie is legally blind; she lost her sight in 2019 due to a stroke.  She has some vision in her left eye and is completely blind in her right eye.  Brittanie is a white cane and JAWS user.  She began attending Criss Cole virtually during outbreak of Covid-19 and graduated in person in 2022.  Criss Cole helped her gain more confidence becoming a stronger person and not letting her blindness determine her future.

Before Brittanie went blind, she worked for Kroger Grocery store for 13 years.  She started with them as a bagger and ended her time in supervision.  She has a passion to work with children.

Brittanie lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, near Arlington.  She enjoys going to the movies, hanging out with family and friends, listening to R&B and Christian music.  She doesn’t have a favorite food because she is open to trying new food, but her favorite candy is anything with chocolate.

Brittanie is looking forward to White Cane Day in Arlington this year.  She enjoyed her very first White Cane Day Event in Austin. Brittanie also attended her first National and State Conventions this past year and is looking forward to more in the future. A personal quote from Brittanie, that she continuously keeps in the back of her mind, which I would like to close out with is, “My blindness was a setback for a better comeback!”

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