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Childrens' Essay Contest

April 22, 2020

In an effort to support blind children and their education during this trying time of uncertainty, NFBTX is offering an Essay contest. These essays are meant to be a way for children to explore what they are going through and process their feelings. Hopefully in writing things down, it will enable children to feel more in control of their surroundings and empowered in their situations.

Please contact Emily Gibbs at or 281-968-7347 with questions.

Please answer the following question: How have you dealt with the coronavirus, social distancing or another life challenge?

Upload answers using the following form.

Answers should be no less than 500 words for grades 7-12 and no less than 2 paragraphs for grades k-6.

Answers will be uploaded to NFB-NEWSLINE® for everyone to read.

A 50 dollar gift card will be awarded to one essay in each of the following grade brackets.

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