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2020 National Federation of the Blind of Texas Convention Announced

June 2, 2020

The annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Texas will take place on the weekend of November 6-8, 2020. The Emerald Beach Hotel, located at 1102 South Shoreline Blvd, in Corpus Christi, will serve as the convention headquarters. Room rates for the convention are $95.00 per night, plus applicable tax. The hotel is not quite ready to accept reservations because they are in the process of making some updates to their reservation system following the Covid-19 outbreak. However, we will be posting regular updates regarding the convention. So, check back often to find out when you can reserve your room for this event. Once the hotel begins to accept room reservations, they will honor our rate beginning on November 5, 2020. So, come in early so you won't miss anything.

Federation leaders are working with hotel staff to ensure that our members and guests have a healthy environment for the convention, and if necessary we will request that convention attendees adhere to reasonable health guidelines designed to keep everyone safe. If such guidelines are necessary, attendees will be notified on this website and via other social media in advance of the convention. 

If you are ready to register for the convention, you can do that now. You can also purchase banquet tickets. The cost to pre-register is $25.00 for adults, and we are not charging a registration fee for children under 16. We do ask families to register their children in order to help us plan, and you can find an option to do that on our event registration page. Banquet tickets will cost $35.00 per person in advance. A limited number of banquet tickets will be available for purchase on-site, but keep in mind that the cost for those tickets will be $40.00. On-site registration will cost $30.00 per person. So, if you are attending, making advanced plans will save you money. 

Times are still uncertain, and we know that a few of our members and guests will not feel comfortable attending an in-person convention due to health concerns. We can appreciate those concerns, and we will be offering opportunities for those who can't attend the opportunity to participate in the convention. Our plans for the virtual portion of our convention are not complete, but you are encouraged to watch this space for updates. 

If you wish to register today, feel free to visit our registration page.

See you in Corpus Christi




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