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Big Basket Bonanza II

November 7, 2022

The National Federation of the Blind of Texas is pleased to announce we will be holding second Big Basket Bonanza auction at our 2022 State Convention during the banquet at 7 p.m. Central on November 12. Local chapters and supporters have donated gift baskets filled with a variety of self care items, gourmet goodies, and gadgets that will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. All proceeds will go to support National Federation of the Blind of Texas programs like the Braille Enrichment Literacy and Learning (BELL) Academy for blind children, our BEST (Braille Education and Skills Training) Program for blind kids, scholarships for blind Texas students, and others.


Below are descriptions of the baskets along with a list of items they will include. Guests will have an opportunity to check out the baskets before the banquet auction. Bids must be placed in-person at the banquet.

Thank you to everyone who donated auction items and those who will be bidding on the baskets!


The Bay Area Chapter Spa on the Beach Basket

When in doubt, zen it out! Relax and pamper yourself with this collection of beach inspired self care items from the Bay Area Chapter that will lead you feeling like you’ve been to a luxurious Galveston spa. Enjoy a rejuvenating bath with the Pumpkin Latte scented Bath & Body Works products and a glass of wine in a custom-made National Federation of the Blind logo wine tumbler. Then, treat yourself to a home manicure with some Colorstreet nails.

Items include: 

Colorstreet press on nails

Bath & Body Works scrubby

Bath & Body Works bath balm Pumpkin Cupcake Fizzie with shea butter

Bath & Body Works lotion Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

Bath & Body Works body scrub Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

Bath & Body Works shower gel Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial hand spray  lavender and vanilla scent

2 beach themed metal stemless wine glasses engraved with the NFB logo



The Coastal Bend Chapter Picnic Basket

Plan a fun time out in the sun or romantic date night with the Coastal Bend Chapter Picnic Basket filled with all the essentials. You’ll find a blanket to sit on, wine to share with someone special, and fancy snacks. There’s even a bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favorite music wherever you go.

Items include:

picnic blanket

bottle of wine

2 wine glasses

mini cutting bored

cheese and summer sausage

Other snacks

A bluetooth speaker


The Houston Chapter Taste of Texas Basket

Estimated value: $150

This basket promises to give its lucky winner a little taste of Texas. When visiting Texas, it is our opinion that you should definitely make a stop at Whataburger, H-E-B, and of course Buc-ee’s. Some might think of Buc-ee’s as just a gas station, but those who make frequent stops will describe it as a gas station on steroids! The Houston Chapter hopes the lucky winner will enjoy these tasty treats. 

Items include:

An insulated travel mug with a tactile map of Texas design

H-E-B Houston Blend coffee

Barbecue sauce and seasonings that will make people return for dinner

Buc-ee’s milk chocolate covered almonds

Buc-ee’s chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels

Buc-ee’s Butter Pecan trail mix

Buc-ee’s famous beef jerky

$45 cash

$25 Whataburger gift card



The Lone Star Chapter Chocolate Lovers Basket

Do you absolute LOVE chocolate? Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Chocolate Lovers Basket filled with all sorts of decadent treats donated by members of the Lone Star Chapter. Hershey, Ghirardelli’s, caramels, hot coco, and much more - there’s a little bit of everything to make any chocolate connoisseur swoon!

Items include:

King size Hershey milk chocolate bar

5 pounds of Andes mints

mocha caramels

fudge covered Oreos

2 pounds dehydrated vanilla marshmallows

3 bags Crio Bru

10 pouches Ghirardelli’s hot cocoa

Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate raspberry squares

Ghirardelli’s 72% dark chocolate squares



The Celebrating San Antonio Basket

Estimated value: over $200

Celebrate the vibrant city of San Antonio with this Dia De Los Muertos inspired basket filled with treats and special handmade items, curated by the San Antonio Chapter. You’ll find tasty goodies like Mexican candy, San Antonio wine and coffee, along with some edgy Dia De Los Muertos items to make you feel like you’ve just been out on the River Walk.

Items include:

various Mexican and Texas candies

Yellow Rose of Texas glass candle

Mexican pottery  shaped wax warmer with 2 San Antonio themed packs of wax

UTSA Roadrunners coozie

San Antonio Spurs mug

San Antonio Spurs can opener

San Antonio duffle featuring wild flowers

San Antonio bottle of wine

San Antonio themed bag of coffee

Handmade Texas Charcuterie board

Custom designed San Antonio apron

A special creation by The Blind Cut

Dia De Los Muertos black t-shirt (size large)

Dia De Los Muertos blue coffee mug with tactile skulls

Dia De Los Muertos blue coffee mug with a tactile flaming heart

Skeleton dog and skeleton cat figures

Skeleton bride and groom salt and pepper shakers

Skeleton figure playing the violin

Flaming heart plush


The TABS Day or Night In Bag

Have you had a long day? Perhaps it’s been an extra long week. Well, take a step back and take a day or night with yourself or with someone special. The TABS Day or Night In Bag has the essentials you will need for a day or night to ease your body and mind. The bag is an Addidas duffle bag with a large zipper pocket, smaller pockets, and a shoulder strap. It can be used to pack items for an overnight trip or make it your gym bag. Inside the bag, you will find two kinds of flavored popcorn with a set of Retro style popcorn containers - no more fighting over the bowl while snacking. You will also find a queen size red fleece throw blanket to cozy up on the couch while watching a movie. There’s even a bottle of Pure Rose oil to work the tension off your back and shoulders. If that is not enough, the bag also has five hot chocolate bombs fulfill your late night sweet tooth. Need more? No worry, TABS is on your side. This bag includes a 5th generation Amazon Echo Dot for you to play your favorite jams all day and in to the night. Y’all enjoy, the pleasure is all ours!

Items include:

Adidas Defender Duffle Bag

5th Generation Amazon Echo Dot

Red queen-size fleece throw blanket

Retro style plastic popcorn containers

Caramel popcorn

M&M’s Popcorn

5 hot chocolate bombs

Bottle of Pure Rose massage oil


RGA Tech "Solutions": A basket filled with tech essentials for everyone

Estimated value: $250

Whether you are a person who is constantly on the go or someone who stays close to home, this basket is sure to include everything you will need to keep your gadgets fully charged and usable. Not only are all items in this basket fully accessible to the blind, but they have also been given the official stamp of approval from Stacie and Raul Gallegos of RGA Tech Solutions.

Items include:

Logitech K 380 bluetooth keyboard (can be paired with up to 3 different devices: computers, smart phones, and tablets)

Anker Sound Core bluetooth speaker for that extra boom (Can also be used as an anti-burglary device considering it's shaped like a brick)

Panasonic wired ear buds (including adapters for lightning and USB C ports)

Wireless charger pad with charging cable (although it resembles a drink coaster, please do not set your hot mug on top of it)

Anker portable battery pack (will charge just about anything except your spouse, your pets, and your kids)

3 USB wall plugs (2 of them are single USB plugs and one is a duo USB plug)

2 multi-charging cables (includes Lightning for iOS devices, USB C for Android phones and computers, and Micro USB for many other devices like the Anker speaker)

electronics ties and wipes (helps keep your wires uncrossed and your devices clean)

electronics pouch with many pockets (a must to keep things organized) 

Large square pouch (can be used for headphones or an assortment of other items, such as a personal pizza)

30 minutes of free consultation from Stacie or Raul to make sure you know what goes where (Must be used by the end of 2022 year)

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